Serenity Retreat Center

Serenity Retreat Center offers an array of
yoga, meditation and detox retreats.

Located on the upper east hillside of Paso Robles, we can host your retreat, or please participate in many we have to offer.

For more information, please contact Dian Packer at (805) 239-9591

January 21st – GratuiTea Day Retreat

Seasonal Retreats

          Ayurveda Detox Retreats (Fall, Spring, Summer) held 3 times a year 3-5 cleanses with

          Ayurveda kitchariYoga, Spa…

Mind Body & Spirit Retreats (Private /Group options)

       Yoga Transnational (private/group offering) 7 Spiritual Laws -Bridging Inner/Outer World…

  Detox Retreats (private/Group offering)

       Chakra balancing retreats

Healing Retreats Healing through plants flowers, rocks, herbs, animals, through mother nature’s healing properties

Yoga Spa Retreats (2-3 days)

Getaway Escape Packages Weekend/Mid-Week Getaways –

            Escape unwind at the Serenity Spa Retreat in our destination Spa and wellness 

            retreat grounds & accommodations.

Day Retreat (Fall Gratitude Gratui Tea Healing– ImmunitTea- New Beginnings January VisionarTea

       Spa yoga day retreat        

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Serenity Spa Yoga Wellness Retreats

Imagine a private Spa Yoga Wellness Retreat personalized to your needs. The Serenity Retreat Center offers all-inclusive wellness packages. The private grounds and accommodation are like having your own private resort…. with the healing powers of nature…the smoothing sounds of water and the walking paths pond to reflect and allow nature to speak to your heart…

Serenity Retreat Spa Yoga wellness center is privately owned and operated, with the focus for rejuvenation, relaxation, meditation yoga, healing & transformation.

This peaceful sanctuary provides the perfect setting for nurturing, body, mind, spirit. Our retreat cottages blends luxury, comfort, privacy, & affordability. Choose from a variety of retreat Packages and accommodations or create your own from the al carte menu.


For more information, please contact Dian Packer at (805) 239-9591